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Metallic Style Furniture & Homeware


Adding weight and substantiality to your design dreams doesn’t have to be a complete head-scratcher. Metallic home furniture has a presence that can’t go unnoticed, gleaming from its core like the stash of an ancient king.

They’re big, brash, and commanding for the most part, and as you journey into a metallic wonderland, you’ll come out the other side wondering how other centrepiece styles could possibly compete. Dark décor can really bring out the best in these items, alongside shivers of refracting lamplight, and storage units that are big enough to match them. A metal piece will dominate a room if it’s not equalled by its surroundings, so consider where to dot additions like a side or coffee table so they don’t look lost and lonely. With plenty of strength to survive all the domestic parties you can muster, metallic furniture is vibrant and easy to clean, providing a spectacle for guests and peace of mind for your own benefit.

If you nurture a nostalgic glint in your eye, you might be taken with retro accessories like the station lantern, an unusually bright solution to indulging some old-school tendencies. Write by its glow on an industrial desk, and try to not envisage yourself in a time capsule, travelling through eras to learn that durability and beauty have never been exclusive. Our metallic products have been made with the most glittering standards of care, using methods that have been honed through the centuries.

When you come back to the present day, you’ll find that lighting has the lion’s share of metallic love; gaze at bulbous, shimmering overhead lamps, and plan excitedly for meals and hangouts that will have a little more class than usual. Long dining tables can be extremely immersive when a copper or pendant light centres all eyes on a spread you’ve laid out, fitting in particular around a sooty colour scheme. There’s much to explore, so waltz through our catalogue of metal-based goodies and steel yourself for some tough decisions!

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Oliver Furniture 4 in 1 Cot Bed in White & Oak
The cot is set up finally! This just makes me happy! This is definitely my best gift ever especially in this situation we are in. Thanks so much for making my dreams into a reality. Love Dinie

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