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AIRTECH assists the prevention and control of the epidemic in the urban nucleic acid testing base!
  In order to cope with possible local clusters of epidemics, ensure that large-scale population nucleic acid tests are completed in a short time and orderly. On the afternoon of January 25, Zhangzhou City Nucleic Acid Testing Base carried out a practical exercise of full-load testing!     With the dean’s order, dozens of inspectors who were ready to go immediately engaged in intensive exercises, and they were methodically conducting nucleic acid extraction and analysis in AIRTECH’s biological safety cabinet. The nucleic acid testing of 3,600 people was successfully completed within hours, effectively testing the operating capacity of the Zhangzhou nucleic acid testing base.     At present, the situation of the COVID-19 epidemic abroad is severe, and the domestic epidemic situation occurs locally. In the winter and spring when infectious diseases are high, the epidemic prevention and control work is becoming more and more difficult. Under this circumstance, the commissioning of urban nucleic acid testing bases will significantly enhance the on-site emergency response capabilities of new infectious diseases in various regions, and provide strong technical support and prevention and control guarantee.     Since the beginning of this month, nucleic acid testing bases in many cities across the country have been completed. The renovation of laboratories in some areas was even completed during the continuous construction of the staff for several days. In order to respond to the need to conduct large-scale nucleic acid testing for all employees during the upcoming Spring Festival return home, because the epidemic prevention and control is urgent!     Most of the urban nucleic acid testing bases are re-planned and transformed from PCR laboratories, covering reagent preparation areas, specimen extraction areas, product amplification areas, and autoclaving areas. A standardized negative pressure ventilation system is adopted to ensure the individual flow of personnel to ensure laboratory biological safety. Standard equipment such as specimen processing system, biological safety cabinet, real-time fluorescent quantitative PCR instrument, and automatic nucleic acid extraction instrument.     AIRTECH has served the biomedical industry for decades. With good quality and thoughtful service, our products have a good reputation and reputation in the industry, and have always been the first choice in the hearts of a large number of users. In the current wave of PCR laboratory transformation, Sujing Antai once again reached a cooperative relationship with many medical institutions across the country to provide professional air cleaning solutions for their urban nucleic acid testing bases.    
AIRTECH helps BGI's "Huo-yan" fight the epidemic!
  In the past few days, there have been many local confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Shijiazhuang City, Hebei Province, and the rising number has affected the hearts of the people across the country. On January 6, Shijiazhuang launched a full-scale nucleic acid test across the city, striving to complete it within 3-4 days.   In order to complete such a large amount of inspections, local medical staff assembled urgently in cold weather and set off overnight. The whole city began to act, including medical teams from all over the country.     Fighting the epidemic requires no delay. On January 8th, the "Huo-yan" laboratory with a daily detection throughput of 100,000 single tubes quickly appeared in the Hebei Gymnasium. At the same time, the Shijiazhuang Huada Medical Laboratory and the on-board "Huo-yan" laboratory have been in place.     The construction of the "Huo-yan" laboratory in Hebei Gymnasium took only 10 hours, fully demonstrating China's speed. The laboratory consists of 13 chambers of air membranes, with a daily detection throughput of 100,000 single tubes, and the maximum daily detectable sample volume reaches 1 million. Various instruments and equipment are available in the laboratory, and the biological safety cabinet of AIRTECH is also particularly prominent.     Since the outbreak of the epidemic last year, AIRTECH has established close cooperation with BGI. Wuhan " Huo-yan " in February 2020, UAE " Huo-yan " in March, Serbia " Huo-yan " in April, Beijing " Huo-yan " in June, Hong Kong " Huo-yan " in September, Qingdao " Huo-yan " in October, etc. All are equipped with our clean equipment, and we are also very honored to be able to provide professional clean technology solutions for BGI.     In 2020, AIRTECH and BGI jointly fought the epidemic and established a deep friendship. At the BGI Annual Conference at the end of the year, we were named "Excellent Partner of the Year 2020" and awarded the "Everyone Picking Firewood and Flame High" award. For this, we are honored and grateful for the great contribution made by the BGI team in 2020.   In the long-term fight against COVID-19, we have accumulated a lot of experience, able to respond positively, without panic or cowardice, with the strong leadership of the national government, the spirit of guidance to move forward, and the ability to respond like BGI which with rich combat experience participates, I believe that it is only a matter of time before the epidemic in Hebei is overcome!  
The Analytica China 2020 exhibition closed successfully, and the cytotoxic biological safety cabinet attracted attention!
  Today, Analytica China 2020 successfully concluded at the Shanghai New International Expo Center!     As a large-scale laboratory industry event in Asia and even the world this year, Analytica China 2020 attracted 1,121 exhibitors and cooperating units from home and abroad. In order to welcome this exhibition, We were well prepared, not only has carefully selected several high-end core products for wonderful appearance, but also specially prepared company and product introduction videos, and wanted to introduce the AIRTECH brand to everyone in the form of TV videos.     The exhibition site was full of people. Several of our products received strong attention from many customers, especially the IoT smart-linked biological safety cabinet and the newly developed cytotoxic biological safety cabinet, which attracted everyone’s attention. The scene was once very enthusiastic. The sales manager introduced our latest technology in an active, serious and methodical manner, and won many praises from customers.     Affected by the epidemic, everyone is wearing masks, but this does not affect everyone's enthusiasm for participating in the exhibition, nor can we separate our warm hearts! Through this exhibition, we have seen a lot of new vitality in life sciences, experimental research and other fields, and we are more aware of the opportunities and challenges in the future. AIRTECH will never forget its original intention and continue to work hard to provide better products for life science research.  
Changsha Higher Education Expo ended successfully!
On November 10, the three-day 55th China Higher Education Expo was successfully concluded at Changsha International Exhibition Center! Educational informatization is the trend of contemporary world education development, a breakthrough in education and teaching reform, and an inevitable requirement of education modernization. With the theme of "Serving the New Development Pattern and Starting a New Journey in Higher Education", the exhibition area has been improved and the image of the exhibition has also undergone a comprehensive upgrade, providing our participating companies with a better on-site experience.     With the introduction of a series of national policies and the support of market demand, the rapid development of the informatization & smart education exhibition area has been accelerated. The number of exhibitors this year has increased greatly compared with previous years. University leaders, frontline teachers and managers from all over the country, as well as distributors and agents engaged in educational equipment channels gathered here, and the registration office at the entrance of the exhibition was crowded. As a recommended company for the Higher Education Expo, AIRTECH exhibited our two core products, clean benches and biological safety cabinets. These are also the two most used clean equipment in the field of scientific research, culture and education. They are usually placed in college experiments. The laboratory does some high-end scientific research. In recent years, our products have made some contributions to the transformation of scientific research results in universities.     At this year’s Exhibition, we showed our latest products to customers and friends in the field of scientific research universities, strengthened learning and communication, promoted further cooperation intentions, and humbly accepted useful suggestions from different customers. At the same time, we expressed our wish to go hand in hand to start a new journey of higher education and better serve the new pattern of development.  
See you next year! China International Pharmaceutical Machinery Exhibition ended perfectly!
Today, the 59th China International Pharmaceutical Machinery Exhibition ended successfully at Chongqing International Expo Center! Regardless of the exhibition area, the number of exhibitors, the number of booths and visitors, this exhibition is the largest ever. The AIRTECH team attaches great importance to this exhibition. In order to serve the many visiting dealers and customers and friends, we sent an elite sales team and professional technical engineers to answer questions on the spot. AIRTECH has served the pharmaceutical industry for many years. We own major biological product research institutes across the country, some provincial and municipal drug inspection institutes, Qilu Pharmaceutical, Winbond Pharmaceutical, Kelun Pharmaceutical, WuXi AppTec, BGI, Hualan Biology, Many well-known customers such as Pfizer and Otsuka have provided them with professional clean technology solutions. Under the epidemic situation, China's pharmaceutical industry has received unprecedented attention, and the development of the pharmaceutical industry not only relies on scientific research, but also on the innovation and escort of clean technology. Through the exhibition platform, AIRTECH demonstrated the latest technology, which was recognized by customers, and gained a lot from the discussion and communication with customers. At the moment of the epidemic, we have overcome the difficulties together. In order to reduce the cost of exhibiting companies, the organizing committee has launched a number of free service projects and provided free masks to our exhibitors to help us avoid equipment handling fees and electricity fees during the conference. I would like to thank the organizing committee for your loving support. Your sincerity and commitment are worthy of admiration! The splendid exhibition, the beautiful scenery of Chongqing, the hot pot, and the lingering us, it is a wonderful journey. Thank you to all customers and friends who came to visit and exchange, thank you for your trust and support to AIRTECH, let us see you in Qingdao next spring!  
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