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The Ultimate Guide To Kids Day Beds

A day bed can really help economise the adolescent environment. Their functionality as a sleeping or lounging area, along with extra drawers for tidying up, make them the multi-purpose treat you’ve been waiting for. Any kid will surely go wild for a good day bed, and Cuckooland has a range of awesome day beds to suit their tastes and activities.

Kids Liso Day Bed

Day Beds - An Answer for Everything

Day beds are so popular because… well, they speak for themselves really! Who doesn’t want to have a sofa/bed hybrid sitting there for any occasion? Increasing popularity has meant that day bed design is through the roof right now, and they should be enjoyed no matter what form they take, simultaneously comfortable and appealing to set against the stylish confines of an interior.

The Kids Liso Day Bed by Asoral is a fantastic example of the trend for compact and clean bedroom furniture, featuring a slick beechwood finish with segmented contours. It comes in 20 different colours, so any décor can slip around the Liso bed and find cohesion. The trundle drawer makes it a perfect answer for sleepovers where you need room for two wrigglebums, whilst tucking away clutter between uses.

In a similar vein, the Wooden Jessica Day Bed by Julian Bowen lends a classy touch to relaxing days stretching or studying. The minimalist frame allows blankets, cushions and duvets to stand out from the secure and calming aesthetic. It’s constructed impeccably, and will look great paired with dark-hued bedding or chocolate-coloured throws… or those wackier additions to your little one’s décor!

Day Bed Options

A day bed may not be as well know as other types of bed but it doesn’t mean this little gem of bedroom furniture is to be overlooked. The humble day bed can provide a good space saving solution, an extra bit of storage and even a extra bed when visits come to stay.

A typical, single day bed is made up of a three sided frame which wraps around the bed base. This structure is great for keeping the bed neat and tidy.

Trundle beds are a staple fixture on a lot of cabin and single beds these days. So it goes without saying day bed designers would happily jump at the opportunity to add in an extra place to sleep. Day beds can come with a pull out bed located in the bottom base. This is known as a trundle and is a fabulous solution when an extra bed is needed for say a sleepover. The trundle draw can be pulled out or popped away in seconds to maximise space.

The every essence of a day bed is to have a bed which is economically on space. This is perhaps the reason for designers getting smart with their designs and incorporating extra space saving storage solutions. Many day beds now come with under-bed draws or shelving to truly maximise space within your chosen room.

Rough Kids Day Bed with Trundle & Drawers

Day Bed Sizes

A day bed at it’s very core is a space saving solution. That being said, the measurements for a day bed are more often than not, the same as a UK or European standard single bed which require a UK standard single or European single mattress. We highly recommend checking the specific measurements of any bed as the location of the manufacturer e.g. Europe/America/UK can mean that the standard single frame measurements may vary.

uk standard single  mattress

90 cm x 190 cm

35″ x 75″

3″ x 6’3″


90 cm x 200 cm

35″ x 79″

3′” x 6’6″

A Touch of Luxury

Fresh and funky bedroom ideas are all well and good, yet plumping for a luxury day bed will give your kid’s room staying power as the trends come and go. Teaming a more ornate day bed with sparkling wall art, or exotic rugs and toys, will become a focal point in your fabulous youngster’s bedroom. Choosing something that has the elegance of a proper bed frame might make those spontaneous sleepovers even cosier than you thought possible!

For starters, take a peak at the Versailles Metal Frame Day Bed, a gorgeous model with the grandeur of a much bigger item. It’s a crisp addition to a young and vibrant atmosphere, bringing swan-like grace with its patented Versailles architecture, and imminently useful for storing cast-off knick knacks underneath. It’s ideally suited for bedrooms with a cream or grey backdrop, and a popular choice for budding fashionistas with an eye for interior design.

Teenagers have a discerning eye for detail that makes sophisticated day beds a perfect way to please. For a more modern twist on luxury kids’ beds, look no further than Oliver Furniture. The Luxury Day Bed in White is ideal for teens who love hanging out with their friends, with a bench-like design that encourages the maximum number of bums on seats. Less is sometimes more, and we’re confident you’ll have loads of fun jostling with your teen over where to place such an adaptable item.

Versailles Metal Frame Day Bed
Dennis Day Bed with Trundle

Cool Co-Ordination

There are many day bed manufacturers out there, but one we keep returning to is Woood, a Danish company specialising in fantastic wooden structures for practically any room in the home. Their selection of kids’ bedroom furniture is hard to beat, and they’ve launched themselves into the day bed fray with an effortless spin on practical living.

An amazing choice for boys and girls of all ages, we can’t get enough of the Dennis Day Beds with Trundle Drawers, available in white, steel or concrete grey palettes. Sometimes the simple solution is the best, and this day bed combines style and functionality to create a flexible space for sleeping, lounging and movie nights with friends.

Woood’s pedigree in high-quality furniture carries through their entire collection. We’re sure you’ll find a couple of winners in their range of drawers, desks and tables, complementing the storage options that are part and parcel of a typical day bed.

Our professional assembly team is always on standby to answer any questions you may have – simply call us on +44 (0) 1305 231231 Mon-Fri 9-6pm or email customerservice@cuckooland.com and our super friendly team will reply immediately.


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